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The Benefits of Rebranding


As a brand strategy agency in London, we saw businesses responding to lockdown in different ways. Some pulled right back on their marketing and design. Others saw it as an opportunity and the right time to blow the dust off their brand, talk to their design agency and rebrand.

Some big names rebranded in 2020, including BMW, GoDaddy, Rolls Royce and Fisher-Price. Gucci even did it as a temporary thing for its 2020 Winter collection for men, creating quite the fashion storm.

We all know that we live in a world that’s constantly changing, with new trends and cultures emerging all the time. As a result, it can be challenging for businesses to keep up, let alone stay ahead of their competitors.

One sometimes overlooked way to do this is to use a brand strategy agency to rebrand. Our London-based design agency has put together a short take on the benefits.

But first:

Rebranding: Are You Sure?

If you’re sure about why you need to rebrand, what sort of changes you want to make when you rebrand (logo/website/tone of voice/social media output) and who will benefit from your rebrand, you’re almost halfway there.

The Benefits

When clients come to us asking about a rebrand, aside from asking them about their motivations and goals, we like to talk about the benefits:

Attract a New Audience

If you want to connect with a different audience and generation, rebranding can offer you the advantage and stepping stone to do that. By refreshing your brand collateral, you can use it as an opportunity to change or tweak your brand narrative.

You can use the rebrand to focus on different areas of your business and promote them differently. It might just be the boost your brand needs.

Reaching a new audience is challenging, especially if you’re hoping to reach Gen Z and Millennials. They expect to identify with you and for your values to align with theirs. A rebrand is one way of drawing this to their attention.

Look at what we did for Topdeck Travel, rebranding the company away from superficial travel to travel that Feels Real.

Stand Out

If you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, a rebrand is a great way to ensure you still stand heads above your competitors in an already cluttered marketplace.

Our London design agency works hard to rebrand businesses to ensure they have their own look, feel and sound. Our main goal is to ensure your brand’s personality stands out and appeals to your target audience.

You’re on Trend

If you want your brand to look, feel and stay current, it’s got to look and feel that way too. How you see yourself and how your customers see you have to align. That way, they know you’re paying heed to current trends and cultures and that you’re genuine and authentic when you do.

We take pride in our understanding of contemporary culture and pass that understanding to the brands we work with. Our unrivalled access to SELFHOOD, our global network of U30s who make sure we never miss a trick when helping our clients rebrand.

Boost Your Profits

It stands to reason that if you attract new audiences with a rebrand and those audiences like what they see, they’ll stay with you, lookout for more and spend more. Remember, Gen Z and Millennials combined spend around £264bn in the US alone, with Gen Z predicted to account for approximately 40% of consumers worldwide. So ignore them at your peril. Rebrand to attract their attention and increase your bottom line too.

Tell Customers You’re Different 

If something seismic has happened in your company, for example, you’ve changed your values and set new goals, or you have new products to showcase, you have to tell people. Not only that, but your rebrand design is a way to demonstrate what your values are and how they match those of your audience.

In other words, rebranding is a way of you telling your new story and of controlling your narrative too.

Rebranding doesn’t have to be or feel overwhelming. We’re a London based brand strategy agency that specialises in rebranding for clients looking to the future. So get in touch and say hello.