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Topdeck Breaks Category Mould With Brave Move From Travel Porn To Authenticity.

From The Drum

Topdeck Travel the global travel brand has repositioned itself, supported by its first ever campaign created with next generation specialist creative agency ZAK, in a bid to engage and recruit new audiences.

For their youth audience, travel is their liberation from normal life. Except it isn’t. Travel is full of fakery and it’s a sea of sameness. Topdeck’s new brand positioning, ‘Feel Real’, is the antidote to that artificial travel.

The ‘Time to Get Out of Here’ campaign launches this new positioning. It looks to deliver a far more authentic ‘real’ view of this audience’s world, looking to deposition its competitors by offering a brand of travel that doesn’t rely on the same old travel tropes.

Encouraging the audience to move on from the duplicated and duplicitous travel porn that’s spewed up all over social media, Time To Get Out Of Here instead uses humour to relate to the things our audience are seeking escape from; living with the in-laws, friends you’ve grown out of and the hell of the gym changing room.

The idea showcases three different scenarios with our hero protagonist in ‘mundane’ situations which encourages them to think it’s ‘Time to get Outta here’ in a stylised art direction which emphasises on the humour and contrast to the reveal locations which then shows real Topdeck travellers on their tours making unforgettable memories.

The digital advertising campaign will be launched globally week commencing 20th January across UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US with social channels playing a leading role.

“This is an exciting time for the travel industry and for Topdeck. We know that our target audience, Gen Z and Millennials, want real and authentic travel experiences as opposed to the polished Insta-worthy experiences that we’ve become over-exposed to today.

Through the campaign we are honing into one of the core reasons our audiences travel – to escape the mundane routine of home. We are the antidote to that.

We are coming out strong, cheeky and attention grabbing – we want to shake things up and break the mould of the “same same” boring travel advertising everyone else is doing.

Working with the team at ZAK has allowed us to achieve the revolution of our brand we’ve been seeking” Anna Fawcett, Global Head of Marketing, Topdeck

“ZAK is a Next Gen creative agency, so the opportunity to take a brand with the heritage and history of Topdeck and make it relevant to the next wave of cultural travel fans, was a dream project. Topdeck have been an open, brave and ambitious partner on this journey and we look forward to seeing the results” Joanna Davies, CEO, ZAK