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Topdeck Travel Targets Millennials And Gen Z With Rebrand.

From TTG

Group travel expert Topdeck Travel is overhauling its business operations to target millennials and Generation Z.

Topdeck’s new branding, Feel Real, has been designed to appeal to young people and is based on market research.
Until now, Topdeck’s marketing approach has been focused on destinations, but the new branding shifts its attention to authenticity.

The new website, brochures and marketing material were launched on 20 January.

There will also be changes to its trip operations and a series of new product releases.

“We know that our customers desire deep culture, meaningful connections and to be able to not just see, but really feel a destination, as well as take in everything the journey has to offer along the way,” said Charles Knowlton, global general manager at Topdeck.

“Travel has become commoditised and homogeneous. Travel should be more than just offering the standard ‘copy and paste’ experiences.”

A campaign, “Time to Get Outta Here”, has also been launched as part of the new Feel Real branding.

It features people in frustrating everyday situations, such as a woman stuck working out with selfie-loving gymgoers, juxtaposed with Topdeck travel tours.

The creatives have been developed by Zak, the UK-based youth advertising agency.

Anna Fawcett, Topdeck’s global head of marketing, added: “Through our campaign, Time to Get Outta Here, we are homing in to the core reason our audiences travel – to escape the mundane routine of home.

“We are the antidote to that. We are coming out strong, cheeky and attention-grabbing – we want to shake things up and break the mould of the ‘same-same’ boring travel advertising everyone else is doing.”