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Marketing Trends 2021


We’re pretty much all delighted to turn our backs on 2020 with the hope of better times to come. The world pandemic has impacted the entire world. Consumers, small businesses, big corporations, entrepreneurs, all have been affected in some way.

We’re sticking our necks out here to say that businesses will have to reframe how they approach their marketing in 2021 and beyond. As a design agency in London, we’re fully aware that marketing not only has to keep up with societal and political changes, it can help shape what follows.

There are no crystal balls in our office, but here’s our creative design agency perspective on three things to look out for in 2021.

Keep It Virtual

Online events escalated as a means to an end in 2020. It’s how we all stayed and continue to stay connected to the world. Companies discovered that there’s long-term mileage in WFH, consumers continue to buy online and we’re all partying Zoom style.

As a branding agency, we see no change to this in 2021. Virtual events and connections are cheaper. Video content, including live, will continue to dominate marketing strategies for brands keen to keep their audiences happy.

As a creative design agency, we work with multiple brands to keep their products fresh, and intimate, with content that’s relatable, relevant and attractive to our clients’ target audience. Check out our latest video launch for Amazon Prime Video for starters.

Staying Connected

Yes, Zoom fatigue is a thing. However, staying connected online is essential if businesses want to continue to be involved with their target audience. As a next-generation branding agency, we’re aware that; companies are vying each other to be relevant, original, and exciting to their audience in an already crowded marketplace.

User-generated content is going to be important in 2021. It’s relatable, it creates communities; it breaks down continued lockdown and travel barriers and allows brands to stay connected with their audience where it hangs out online.

Our work as a creative design agency means that in 2021 we’ll collaborate with brands to create meaningful online communities that engage audiences long after any online product launches and events.

Check out some of our work for New Balance. We created online communities through the film to tell three stories that tell the story of new Gen Z players and their fans worldwide. One million viewers later, those stories are still being told.

Choppy Waters

Whether they’re in London or elsewhere, any design agency will be keeping a keen eye on how brands navigate social and political changes ignited by the pandemic, BLM and the US election in 2020.

For brands to stay relevant in 2021, they’re going to have to do more than just pop a black square up on their Instagram page to show solidarity. We can see a real need for transparency, diversity and cultural inclusivity. Brands have to demonstrate how their values align with their Gen Z and Millennial audiences if they want to be believable and expect their audience to invest in them.

Not only that. We’ve all read masses of column inches about good and truly s**t customer service in 2020 as travel plans were cancelled and dreams were put on hold. For 2021, there’ll be a greater focus on customer-centric marketing and customer service and fully understanding customers’ pain points.

At ZAK HQ, we have unrivalled access to a global group of U30s social natives. They’re connected, unapologetic, brave and politically and socially aware. They tell us how it is, how they feel, what they think. It means our work as a design agency in London is all about ensuring our clients’ marketing decisions reflect who they are and what they stand for.

Blow The Dust Off

If you’re ready to dust off your marketing strategy and embrace some fresh and exciting propositions for your brand, now is the time.

Rather than staring at your marketing strategy and wondering what to do about elevating your brand in 2021, check out our work and ask us how we can help you forge lasting relationships with your customers through all your marketing channels.

Want to know more? Get in touch and say hello.