Kim Jong-un crackers, client feedback carols & Santa’s Photoshop: the best agency Christmas cards from around the globe

Another year is nearly over and another round of creative Christmas cards has landed in The Drum’s physical and virtual inboxes. Strong creative themes for 2017 include reworking client feedback into a more joyful form and the impending nuclear apocalypse, while Isobel revealed yet another impressive theatrical photoshoot.

Zak: Crackers of Christmas Destruction

Sticking with the 2017’s near-apocalyptic theme, indie agency Zak produced its own range of crackers with a difference. The branding of ‘Weapons of Xmas Destruction’ features the handsome faces of world leaders Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, with the tagline: ‘Make your Christmas go with a bang!’

Inside, party guests will find an ‘inspiring’ quote from North Korea’s divine leader, a ‘Rocket Man’ pin and a black paper hat to get guests in the mood for nuclear war.