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Is Your Video Production Company Doing its Job?


Brands are increasingly tuning into the valuable currency that is video, and the internet is cluttered with videos from brands all mad keen to entertain young consumers. ZAK works hand-in-hand with top video production company High Stakes Films in London to create original work that resonates with next-generation audiences.

If you want to be sure everything is as it should be with your chosen video production company, or you’re into finding out what happens after you’ve gone through the pain of hiring a video production company, including if it’s us, keep reading.

Kicking Off

Your relationship with your video production company is a two-way thing. If you’re transparent, honest, and straightforward about what you want and expect from each project, life will be a lot simpler for everyone.

Here at ZAK, even the most genius of our creatives aren’t mind-readers. There’s no crystal ball. So your video production company needs to ask you the right questions, and it’s your job to ensure they don’t have to second guess what you want.

Expect to be asked for:

  • Your likes and dislikes (where video is concerned!)
  • Your brand and style guidelines
  • How you want to be communicated with (smoke signals not allowed)

All this will help nourish a mutually harmonious and creative working relationship.

The Boring Detail

Expect your video production company to walk you through the contract and their fees. Look for what your responsibilities and rights are as a client and those of the agency. This may look like bedtime reading for insomniacs, but it’s essential to ensure you don’t incur any added fees or penalties.

We prefer to be upfront and transparent about this boring but necessary part of our relationship with clients. It means we’ll walk you through deadlines, schedules, ownership rights, terms and conditions, what happens if revisions are needed, or if the brief changes, and payment.

The Project 

No two video production companies are the same. Generally, when the work starts, here’s a rough idea of what your video production company will do next.

Ideas Time

It’s concept development time for you and your agency. It’s when they get to know you and your brand and any existing strategies it may have. They’ll also look at what your competitors are up to with video and draw up a video campaign strategy.

Mood Boards

At this point, expect to see visual representations of what the video production company’s creative take is. This includes information on location, graphics, video style, lighting, colour palette and so on.

This stage is your opportunity to adjust any off-brand aspects that don’t comply with your overall brand message, and your video production company needs to be adaptable and amenable to those tweaks too. No hissy fits.

Messages and Script

Suppose you want words or subtitles/headlines in your video that need to be crafted for your intended audience using relevant language that resonates. Often, a copywriter will do this bit, but you, as the client, will be expected to check and sign off on the final messages.


You and your production company may have someone for the video campaign, particularly if they already represent your brand. If not, your video production company will conduct casting for the video campaign, and you will be expected to give final approval.

Location, Location

The agency scouts for suitable locations, whether in London or out of town. They’ll also sort out any necessary insurance and permits. You get to visit and give it the thumbs up.


More than a mood board, this is a more in-depth explanation of how the video will turn out and includes information about production such as lighting, what props and tools are needed for the shots to work and so on.

Production and Edits

This can range from a couple of days to several weeks, depending on the campaign and location. It’s now when it’s action time, and your story gets to be committed to video. Clients often attend production shoots.

After the shoot(s), you’ll need to be on hand for video reviews and approval for final edits and finishing touches.

That’s it.

Interested in working with ZAK to deliver exciting videos that resonate with Millennials and Gen Z? Say to learn more.