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How to Target Youthful Customers


Marketing is indeed a crafty element of any business, especially in the current digital era. Finding new clients by posting billboards and select TV commercials is just so yesterday. Today, the entire philosophy of the marketing landscape has shifted along with the demographics of the target audience. 

Over the past decade, marketing has witnessed the power of a younger audience. Consequently, more and more businesses are centring their marketing to target Gen Z. 

The Gen Z Era 

Gen Z represents an era of digital natives who live and breathe in a world of smartphones, intelligent apps, fast internet, and hold more purchasing power than youths of any other generation. In the next few years, Generation Z will comprise around 40% of the consumer market. 

To successfully target these incredibly savvy youth’s, your brand needs to speak their language. This means picking up your pace to match that of your youthful audience. 

But, how do you seize the attention of the youth? 

Let’s explore. 

General “Advertising” Statements Are Out- Useful Information Is In 

The youth of today are bombed with a multitude of advertisements on a variety of channels. Advertisements seem to have become an indispensable part of their digital experience. However, not every ad gets their attention.  

If your brand states that your product does x, y, and z, your ad’s likely to be scrolled passed. Yes, to be heard, you’ll have to blend in. But they’ve probably heard similar claims already – perhaps from your competitors? So, what’s next? 

Youth only see your ad for a second, so make that second count. Try to include the most pertinent information about your offering to grab their attention from the get-go.  

Content is King – Let Your Creative Juices Flow 

To secure a clientele of Gen Z youth, you need to give more than your key product. By this, we mean you have to publish compelling and engaging content. This is what drives traffic to your company’s website and social media. Everyone loves witty and interactive content. So, it stands to reason, when your words arrest your target’s attention, they’re more likely to want to try your product. 

Tell the World About the Problems Your Products and Services Solve 

The companies that have been extremely successful in marketing their product to Gen Z have one common element in – their products and services solve a specific problem. 

To inspire the younger generation to trust your brand, you need to make it clear what problem your product solves. It should be a real-world issue that demands a solution.  

For instance, in your ads, you can ask if your audience is tired of Xyz. And then offer your magical solution to the problem. You could even shoot interactive videos to showcase your product’s problem-solving capabilities. 

Move Beyond Profit Goals – Develop a Mission That Aims to Make an Impact 

Well, this one goes without saying, being a brand, you should actively participate in corporate social responsibility. Not only is this a nice thing to do, but it also helps to market your business Gen Z. Generally speaking, we’re blessed with a caring and passionate youth who are concerned about the world around them.  

They want to do their bit to feed the hungry, preserve the environment, save animals, and support many other worthy causes. This also influences their buying habits. Gen Z wants to buy from brands who share these morals and values. 

So, businesses need to show they do more than just turn a profit by supporting a noble cause that you, your employees and your partners are genuinely passionate about.

The more involved your brand is, the more respect and attention you win. The young generation will appreciate your efforts and will acknowledge that your company is here to make an impact, not a sale. 

ZAK – Your Go-to Youth Marketing Agency 

Marketing to a youthful demographic isn’t always simple, but the right agency can make the process much easier. ZAK is the next-gen Youth Marketing ad Agency fuelled by creativity. It takes a multifaceted approach and delivers tailor-made messages to ensure you engage with your target demographic’s values and needs.  

Thinking Youth Marketing? Think ZAK.