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How to Rank Higher on Google


Your site is one of the best ways for customers to come across your products and services and learn about you as a brand. It is often a point of pride for many businesses and something you poured a lot of work and effort into. So why might your site not be ranking as high on Google as you’d like?

Google’s front page can be an immensely competitive environment. But winning this competition is vital. For example, even the 10th result on Google only gets a 2.5% click-through rate compared to the 28.5% CTR of the first result.

So how do you improve your ranking?

Improve Your Site’s SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It describes the strategies you can use to ensure Google’s algorithm ranks your site more highly. You can read up on Google’s own tips for doing this. Several factors play into good SEO.

You should ensure that you have:

  • Good site speed and performance
  • content that is relevant to users
  • core keywords in the first paragraphs of your content
  • Submitted a site map to Google

Add LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Index keywords is another top SEO practice. These keywords show Google that you are talking about a topic relevant to your customers. As such, they reflect topics, like the best countries to visit, how to fix a particular problem, or where to sightsee at a specific holiday location. More in-depth LSI keywords will lead to Google placing you higher for searches to which your content seems highly relevant.

Build a Content Marketing Strategy

Maintaining a blog and posting regularly on social media can help more traffic reach your site. Google looks at your website and blog as a whole, so the more content you can offer for visitors that actually spend time on your site, the better. A content strategy involves finding suitable topics to talk about to engage your target audiences. Then, you need to find the keywords that rank highly for that topic. Finally, keep adding content consistently to build a better site history and engage your customers.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

The bounce rate captures how many people visit your website only to click away again at once. There are different reasons this can happen. One reason is that the site is too slow to load. Another is that the content is different from what users expected to find. And finally, your website design and visual content might fail to stand out and grab attention.

If you need help ranking higher on Google, an ad agency can help. ZAK is a creative ad agency as well as consumer insights company based in London. We help unique brands create visual content and content marketing strategies that reflect their values and mission and build a loyal customer audience. Get in touch today for a chat.