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How To Promote a Brand Through Social Media


Social media may have been born before your brand’s core audience was even a twinkle in their parents’ eyes. Yet, most companies are still relatively new to the idea that it’s a powerful means of promoting their brand.

Adding social media content to your marketing mix is simply another way of your brand connecting with your audience and promoting its products and messages.

Sounds simple? Not always, unless you know how to do it well.

If your brand already uses social media content, but it’s just not working for you, the right creative agency can turn that around. Stay with us and read a few of our thoughts on how we think a brand can be promoted successfully through social media.

Get the Basics Right

Your social content has to sit and fit with the rest of your brand. This means your colour palette, logo, fonts, images, messaging, creative content and tone of voice. All have to be part of ensuring your social media profiles have a common thread. If you don’t get this right, your social media content will just look like it’s late to the party.

Not just that. You have to know what you hope to achieve – specifically.

Typical goals might be:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Ramping up sales and audience figures
  • Enhancing the public’s perception of your brand

But first, you need to take a more in-depth look.

ZAK takes a magnifying glass to your brand before zoning in on the social media detail. If your brand identity and creatives aren’t bold, beautiful and bright across all your platforms, we’ll make sure they are. Look at our work, promoting BLOOM gin for starters.

Get the Voice Right

How you convey your messages on social media will depend upon which platform you use. For example, Facebook has an older audience than, say, TikTok. Suppose you use the same social media content across all your social media platforms. In that case, it’s less likely to resonate with your target demographic.

ZAK is a next-generation creative agency that understands the importance of tailoring your social media content to suit each audience. We pride ourselves on creating content that’s relevant, shareable and looks fabulous.


This year more than most continues has shown us that in challenging times, humans still need to laugh and be entertained. Humans may be in lockdown, but humour isn’t. We still need to laugh and be entertained, and social media sites are the perfect platforms to do that. If your social media posts engage your audience while telling a compelling story, you stand a greater chance of retaining them.

We understand the power of laughter and entertainment and how they can elevate your brand above all the severe noise.

Share the Love

Creating shareable content will strengthen your brand. All your content has to support your brand identity while staying relevant, visual, and entertaining. What it shouldn’t be is content that’s just there because you haven’t posted something up for a while. Everything you posted has to reflect your brand and be well-researched and transparent before it goes out. Otherwise, it won’t be effective.

ZAK works hard to understand which content is most likely to gain your brand greater visibility. We don’t just rely on data, although it helps. We rely on strategic planning, audience research and bespoke insight and audience and culture study from our SELFHOOD.


Paid campaigns across social media platforms can be a successful way of leveraging your brand above your competitors. In a world cluttered with content, paid social site campaigns can work if they’re done well. They have to give your audience value for money, entertainment, insight and incentives to stick around.

We understand the value of social media advertising as well as its pitfalls. Our creative ad work is shareable, highly visual and has the power to attract new audiences without alienating the old.

Step This Way

If you think we can help your brand stand out on social media, increase your profile and move away from all the mindless marketing clutter, get in touch and say hello.