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How to Obtain Consumer Insights – The Best Methods in 2022


Understanding your customers is one of the most crucial aspects of any business. To make your products and services appeal to them, you must first understand what it is they want and which problems in their lives you might be able to solve. The same goes for designing your marketing campaigns. Which imagery and content will resonate with your consumers? How do they perceive some aspects of your brand?

Ignorance is a recipe for disaster. Without consumer insights, brands would be fumbling in the dark, hoping to chance upon success. Instead, those that leverage different methods to obtain consumer insights will find the path ahead of them clearly illuminated.

This article covers which methods consumer insights companies suggest to learn about your customers in 2022.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to collect customer and competitor sentiments. You can find them on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trust Radius, Glassdoor and more. Also, consider looking at product review videos on YouTube or discussion forums where products are recommended amongst peers.

Online reviews help you quickly identify which elements of a product or service customers love and what they think could be improved. This provides some of the most actionable feedback you might ever obtain.

Check out competitors’ reviews to learn how your product could improve on their failings, thus positioning you better in the market.

Website Data

Your channels online provide a wide range of data insights that can tell you more about your consumers. For example, website data includes behavioural, demographic and campaign data.

It tells you who visits your website, where they come from, what they spend the most time on, and which pages they exit.

Again, you are not limited to your own data! With the right tools, you can review the website data of your competitors. Chances are that their target audience and your own overlap, and you will be able to gain essential consumer insights.

Customer Surveys

Conduct customer surveys to answer your most pressing questions and obtain valuable customer insights. Your customers must be part of your mailing list and willing to participate. You can then send a survey to quiz them about:

  • What they like
  • What they don’t like
  • What they might want to see in the future
  • Pain points with their order and shipping
  • The appeal of your packaging
  • Their opinion on your customer service

…and much more.

Customer Interviews

Like surveys, an interview is a great way to gain opinions straight from customers. Interviews offer more qualitative data, as your subjects will be able to answer at length and express their sentiments. Use this to further explore important topics and ask more profound questions when you note something of interest.

Consumer Insight Companies

Finally, consider working with a consumer insight company to unlock the full potential of your customer research. At ZAK, we work closely with SELFHOOD, a consumer insights company in London that leverages a thriving network of young consumers to learn about new consumer trends and buying behaviours. Consumer insight platforms can help you obtain qualitative insights as customers are engaged in forum discussions and surveys to provide helpful feedback.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.