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How To Make The Most of Video Marketing with High-Quality Video Campaigns


The potential of video marketing is undeniable. As of 2021, 32% of businesses are already using video campaigns to make sales, and with good reason. 68% of marketers claim that video has a better ROI than Google Ads. So if you are allocating your marketing budgets for the year, it’s time to start thinking about video as a great way to engage your audience.

But how do you get started with video marketing? It’s no secret that high-quality videos are vital to being successful with video ads. That’s why 17% of marketers still choose to fully outsource video creation to a video production company like High Stakes Films.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get started with high-quality video campaigns so you can make the absolute most of them.

Define The Purpose of Your Video Campaign

Before you get started writing scripts and finding talent to work with, you should first decide what you want your video campaign to accomplish. Even amongst advertisement videos, there is a range of intentions.

Do you want to inspire viewers to make a purchase? To download something? To contact you, or remember your business in the future?

Whatever response you are looking for will change your approach. Once you know your goals, you can start thinking about how your video ad will achieve them.

Find Your Target Audience

As with any marketing campaign, market research is critical. You need to know your audience to create something that will resonate with them on an emotional level. It’s always better to target ads to specific demographics than it is to try and catch everyone in one broad net. You’ll be more likely to achieve conversions by being specific!

Script Your Video Ad

The best video campaigns tell a story and create a relatable experience for your audience. Once you know what is most relevant to that audience, you can weave this knowledge into a script. This will be the core of your video campaign, so take your time with the development process. One great way to ensure you get the best ideas for your video ad is to include the whole team in the process. You’ll get broader ideas from different perspectives. Knock out ideas in quantity, and reduce them down to quality.

Your script should address one central truth that remains relevant throughout the ad. This goes back to sticking to your focus and not trying to achieve too many things at once. Think of your core message, and stick to this message throughout the video.

Storyboards and Shortlists

Once you have a script, you can visualise it by creating a storyboard. This comes with the benefit of telling what locations, props, and actors you’ll need. You can start making notes on this and start working out your budget and requirements.

Prepare for The Shoot

You’ve made a list of everything you need. Now it’s time to get ready for the shoot by finding the talent and locations featured in your ad. You’ll also have to assemble a crew and plan a filming schedule. This will outline when each scene will be filmed and what people need to be on set.

The larger your crew, the quicker your shoot might go, but the more budgeting you should plan in. Don’t forget to account for things like fatigue, makeup, and unforeseeable circumstances.

If you don’t have an in-house team for video marketing, you might also need to source equipment at this stage.

After Filming…

Once your video production has wrapped up the filming stage, editing will commence. The most crucial next few steps surround distribution. Which channels will you market your video on? How will you get it seen by the right demographic?

Working with a Video Production Company

The reason almost a fifth of businesses outsource video production is simple. The Video creator is not just one person – it requires a whole array of skills and expertise to create high-quality video campaigns. From market researchers and scriptwriters to directors, skilled cameraman, producers, and project managers. Even once the video production is over, the right distribution channels and marketing efforts are essential.

It’s often tricky for in-house teams to source all the equipment and talent they need to really pull off a high-quality video campaign. This is why, for many, outsourcing video marketing ends up cheaper and more effective.

ZAK agency is a creative design agency based in London. We draw on our research network of U-30s to understand modern audiences and work closely with High Stakes Films to produce video campaigns that resonate. Get in touch today to learn more!