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How to Build Brand Loyalty Without Talking About Yourself


Did you know that the top creative agencies in London are no longer focusing on engagement marketing alone? Traditional sales pitches are going more and more out of fashion. So now more than ever, it’s vital not to outstay your welcome with a customer by endlessly talking about yourself.

Especially young audiences who have grown up tech-savvy and sceptical don’t respond to being bombarded with overly branded content or ads.

Interruption marketing is on the rise, and top creative agencies know how to act on its potential.

So how do you create brand loyalty without making it all about you?

Provide Value

One of the keys to building brand loyalty is to focus on fulfilling the actual needs of your customer. Therefore, talking about the things your audience cares about should be the number one priority of your content marketing strategy.

How does content benefit your audience? Will they learn something? Can they solve a problem thanks to your input? Will your content entertain them? If you can’t answer “Yes” to at least one of these questions, your content likely won’t strike a chord.

To find your audience’s pain points and provide them with valuable help, you should try to access those communities and learn what they talk about. Thorough market research on the actual customer level is vital.

Use Brand Storytelling the Right Way

Brand storytelling is a handy branding tool, but it can quickly go wrong. With the wrong focus, a brand story can end up as just a way to talk endlessly about your brand and praise its virtues. In other words, it can ring hollow and self-obsessed.

When utilizing brand storytelling, focus on the stories you can tell through your content. A story should share your failures and the lessons you learnt to prove true humility and growth. However, it should still follow rule #1: Provide value through valuable market insights.

Transparency is an essential part of your story, and authenticity is critical. Highlight the real people that keep your business moving and avoid trying to make yourself something you are not.

Put the Spotlight on Your Audience

User-generated content is one of the best ways to grow brand loyalty and spread brand awareness, all without tooting your own horn. User-generated content is an effective tool because it hits two birds with one stone:

  • Your own audience does the marketing for you, saving you time and money.
  • You build community and brand loyalty as customers engage with your products.

User-generated content can be more than testimonials on your site. You can encourage contests, quizzes and surveys or even allow customers to take over some of your accounts for a day to talk about their experience with your products. It pays to get creative with user-generated content and focus on the customer’s authentic experience rather than on the pitch you’re accustomed to rattling off.

Create Behind the Scenes Content

Another way to draw less attention to your salesy brand is to talk more about the little guy in your business that doesn’t usually get the spotlight. This might be your suppliers and manufacturers, or it might mean showing off some of your teams during company parties. Knowing what your office looks like and how you work lets customers feel like you’re an authentic entity they can get to know. It feels more intimate and honest.

Focus On Your Existing Customers

Too many marketers are occupied with getting new people to buy your products. But, of course, this requires talking about yourself and making them aware of your brand all over again. An effective strategy is to nurture your relationship with those who have already bought from you. Rather than trying to sell them to you, you can focus on building more trust and interest by giving them an extra level of attention.

Fun ways to do this include gifts, emails, guides, tutorials, invitations to live video content, and more.

If you’re not sure how to build brand loyalty without reverting to the old sales pitch, get in touch with one of the top creative agencies in London. ZAK agency is awaiting your call!