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How to Boost Sales with an Advertising Agency


Advertising doesn’t just date back to the fictionalised depiction days of Don Draper and Stirling Cooper. It’s as old as the ancient Egyptians who advertised services and goods on papyrus, whereas the Romans went one step further with pictures on walls and signs.

While today’s advertising agencies continue to embrace those early traditions, they understand that in our world of shifting cultures, trends and consumer attitudes, brands need to stay relevant if they want to maintain and boost their sales revenue.

If you’re one such company and looking at what advertising agencies offer in London or elsewhere, keep reading.

We’re going to tell you a few things we think an advertising agency needs to do to help you boost your sales.

Make Your Products Relevant and Believable

Consumers want more than just a nice price tag. They want relevance and a product they feel invested in, and that applies to the ads they see too. This is no more so the case than with Millennials and Generation Z consumers. They look beyond pretty packaging to the essence of a product, with 83% of millennials wanting companies to align with their values.

ZAK’s experience as a next-generation creative agency means we can make our clients’ products relevant to their intended audience. If you want your customers to look past the packaging, look at our work with Bloom Gin and Topdeck Travel for starters.

Print Advertising

Consumers are naturally turning to the internet for their retail shopping needs, and no more so than during the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, a recent Twitter report found that despite the COVID-19 outbreak, many consumers expect brands to continue advertising to them as usual.

And, maybe surprisingly, 82% of consumers believe that those more traditional print ads are most trustworthy of all.

The right ad agency will understand this and not lead you and your budget down an expensive path that doesn’t bring results, and they’ll understand what type of print ads your audience pays attention to including direct mail, catalogues and newspaper ads. Look at our work with Fortnum & Mason.

Not Be a One-Trick Pony

If you want more sales, you need to create successful ads that can be used across multiple channels. We’ve talked about the importance of print, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore video, social media and TV advertising.

Video ads are shareable, great for mobile users, easy to find on Google and measure their success with Facebook and YouTube analytics, and, according to big online sellers, increase the chances a consumer will buy from you by 35%.

Take a look at some of our video ad work that tells stories and boosts sales.

Understands Your Audience

The right advertising agency will know precisely where your intended audience hangs out, what it believes in, what media it uses and what drives it to part with hard-earned cash, including word-of-mouth campaigns.

If you want to boost sales, then audience-focussed unique ads with clear targets will go a long way to achieving that goal, but advertising to millennials and Gen Z is not easy. An advertising agency needs to demonstrate to you that it understands what makes your target audience tick.

ZAK is a next-generation youth marketing ad agency with unique access to under 30s and early adopters. It means we have real insight into what they think, feel and do, so our advertising is on the nose every time.

Remember Your Existing Customers

It’s all very well hoping to attract new customers through targeted, creative and persuasive ad campaigns that offer entertaining and shareable content. However, it’s just as important to remember your existing loyal customers too. It makes business sense, with most companies knowing that it costs them 5 x as much to attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones.

Measure Your Success

How exactly can you measure the success of your advertising campaigns? It can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t know how to. An advertising agency that knows its onions will deploy metrics to measure your social and web traffic not only so you can monitor your sales, but measure the effectiveness of your advertising to different audience segments.

Are you interested in talking about advertising to boost your sales? Get in touch and say hello.