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How Do Marketing Agencies Work?


You’re here because you want to promote your brand and maximise your profits and are looking for help from a marketing agency to do that. Before investing your time and money, we want to tell you what to expect when working with a marketing agency. It doesn’t matter whether it’s ZAK or any of other best marketing agencies, London based or elsewhere, these will come in handy.

Maybe you’ve never worked with a marketing agency before, have limited experience of marketing, or you’ve worked with loads and are tired of hearing the same old. That’s OK. Read on. We get asked “so how do marketing agencies work?” all the time. Perhaps it’s the Mad Men effect or just that people are curious, we don’t know. What we do know is that we do have the answer to this common question.

Any top marketing agency won’t just do one thing well. It’ll do a combination of the following bravely, brilliantly and creatively:


Build and Transform Your Brand

You may be a startup or small company that needs to build your brand foundations and every brick and mortar of your product identity. Alternatively, you’re an established household name that needs to blow the dust off its shelves to attract a new and younger audience. Either way, a marketing agency will help you build your identity, so it resonates with that target audience. They’ll create a look, feel and sound for your brand, including the logo, font, writing style and content, web and social sites, videos and ad campaigns.

Above all, a marketing agency will help you rebuild and reposition your brand. This will enable you to create and tell meaningful stories and content that your target audience can engage with and share.

ZAK understands Millennials, Generation Z and Early Adopters. We know they have to feel engaged with products and organisations. In other words, what you’re trying to sell or promote has to have some meaning to them as individuals; otherwise, it’s a non-starter. Take a look at our work with Bloom Gin and Topdeck Travel for some prime examples of our take on branding.

Create a Strategy

It’s all very well having a marketing agency on your roster that’s bursting with creatives. Of course, that’s great. But without the strategy to underpin all that creativity, ideas just bounce around and go nowhere.

The ideal marketing agency will be equally fabulous at creativity, strategy and planning to drive the most significant possible profits and engagement for your business. Having a plan for each campaign means you can evaluate its success and amend it.

ZAK builds campaigns for companies that look to the future, that can see past the immediate. Using audience and cultural insights combined with our lateral creative light touch, our strategy and planning guarantee your campaign’s success. Kick-off with a look at our quantifiable work with New Balance Football or our strategic brand transformation for Vodafone’s Busy 4G campaign.

Use Evidence

Everyone wants to know how to market to Millennials, Gen Z and Early Adopters. Yet so few companies get it right. There’s a reason for that: poor research and lack of understanding. The right marketing agency will be able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of that target market and get to the root of what’s important to them. They’ll also be able to substantiate their reasons for campaign directions with substantial evidence.

ZAK has unique access to a global network of U30s. They test our contemporary campaigns and tell us if they are relevant or not. It’s our way of being sure our campaigns are going to work.


For your brand to be far-reaching and have an impact, you’re going to need advertising as well as a brand relaunch/refresh. Your marketing agency should be able to incorporate both well-trodden routes and a more lateral take when advertising your brand. Marketing agencies with a deep understanding of your target audience, where it lives, works and plays, can position ads where they’re using traditional and digital media. This ensures they take a fully integrated and budget-friendly approach to your marketing campaigns.

ZAK creates engaging, relevant and shareable ad content that speaks to the youth market. Take a look at our work with Topdeck Travel. It may be 50 years old, but our digital ad campaign repositioned the brand to engage and appeal to younger audiences.

Final Thoughts

The big picture is this: the right marketing agency will create brave, smart and consumer-led marketing strategies and campaigns. These will drive high levels of engagement, raise your profile and maximise your return on investment (ROI). It will also implement and manage those campaigns and evaluate their success, so you know you’re getting value for money. If you want campaigns that create two-way conversations between you and your audience, you’re in the right place.

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