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How can consumer insights help with advertising?


Knowing what to look for is essential for any brand interested in consumer insights. Many advertising agencies in London can offer clarity on what your customers want. They design adverts with consumer insights in mind. But brands also need a fundamental understanding of the consumer analysis process to make the most from these insights.

This article will delve into consumer insights, the different types of insights, and how they can be used.

What are consumer insights?

Consumer insights is a broad term to describe how consumers think and feel. It is a way of understanding human behaviour and then deriving actionable insights from them.

Consumer insights can be found in many places.

  • In communications with customers ‐ emails, comments, reviews and calls
  • In analytical figure – site visitors, demographic data and sales numbers
  • In testing – A/B testing, product response, surveys and user feedback

Using these points of reference, advertising agencies in London and beyond gain critical knowledge about their audience. As a result, it can improve customer segmentation, direct marketing efforts and increase customer satisfaction.

Types of insights

Generally speaking, we can think about consumer insights in three ways. Though each category often affects the others.


Consumer behaviour looks at why a group acts in a certain way. For instance, why do consumers choose one product over another? And what is the thought process behind these decisions? We look at how people behave and make hypotheses to answer this question.

If we’re trying to figure out why a customer isn’t responding to our ads, we might look at corresponding behaviour to see why that is. For example, if a given area doesn’t have access to delivery services, they might not respond to advertising for your online store.

Instead, they may prefer to buy in-store. We can look at the location of an audience, what products they purchase and the number of traffic in-store and online. When we have a premise, we can work on a solution.


With consumer insights, we can infer from the above example what our customers need. Maybe we can find a partner who can deliver to that area. Or, we can change our advertising to direct customers to our physical shop. As a result, customers feel their needs are being met. Then they are more likely to respond to our ads. If customers are happy, so is our bottom line.


Likewise, beliefs can tell us why consumers respond to certain ads and not others. People want businesses to understand them and share their thoughts. For instance, a vegetarian isn’t likely to respond to an advertisement for hamburgers. If we know our demographic’s values, we can ensure we target the right people. Saving time and money.

So, where can you find consumer insights?

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