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How Brands Are Cleaning Up The ‘Wild West’ Of Influencer Marketing

From MarketingWeek

Amid claims of fake followers, bots and over-inflated reach, the brands sticking by influencer marketing are seeking greater transparency, stronger engagement and more meaningful relationships with the talent.

There is clear evidence that online influencers are cleaning up their act, after widespread criticism of shady practices and outright fraud. The irony that people paid for their influence had been faking their number of followers has seen clients, agencies and watchdogs demand swift action.

Given the level of attention, hyperbole and criticism directed at the world of influencer marketing, it is easy to forget just how new the medium is. Like any new means of communication, the sector is undergoing rapid change as it cements its place in the world.


However, doubts over whether influencer marketing can be trusted seems to have galvanised the industry to make changes.

Influencer marketing is here to stay, says former Unilever CMO Keith Weed.