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How AI-Powered Art Will Impact Advertising


Tools like DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Disco Diffusion are quickly taking the internet by storm by seemingly transforming our Sci-Fi fantasies into a reality. Art AI tools like this can create images from text input by accessing databases of images and recognising the patterns that make them up.

The results are sometimes confusing, often impressive, and occasionally beautiful. As such, it’s no wonder that the question arises: How is Art AI going to impact creative content in Advertising?

Idea Generation

Creative teams can use Art AI to generate initial concepts and ideas rapidly. They can enter prompts, collect vastly different results, and use these to organise mood boards. From this, the team can draw inspiration, expand on ideas, and find the direction they want to pursue with advertising creatives.

Faster Business Pitches

Preparing pitches for a new ad campaign is often a considerable cost and a process into which much time is sunk. And this even though pitches might be rejected and never see the light of day. Moreover, a pitch only gives a vague idea of the final results. AI Art could supplement the graphics for a pitch to help the whole team understand the project’s mood without as much cost or effort.

Creating Basic Assets

If you need graphics in your ads, you’ll need to create a wide range of digital art assets. This often requires the help of a specialist – graphic designers, 3D modellers and illustrators, just to name a few. AI could speed up this process and make it cheaper by creating basic assets with the software tool and allowing specialists to finalise and clean up the assets.

AI systems could assist creatives in getting more done in a shorter amount of time, running through ideas more quickly, and supporting their process.

Can Art AI Replace Human Creatives?

If you’re a brand interested in AI art programs, you might wonder if AI is ready to supplement your graphics for your upcoming campaigns. Unfortunately, the truth is that the day we can rely on Art AI to create ads at the push of a button is still a long way off.

AI lacks the context and human understanding to create content that will resonate with audiences. The graphics that are also generated frequently need to be edited. In the end, creative design agencies achieve such innovative and creative results because they have many talented heads to come up with authentic, culturally sensitive, emotionally impactful or humorous ideas.

ZAK is a design agency in London. We are excited to consider new tools and innovate our methods. However, genuinely human authenticity and brand values remain at the heart of everything we do. Get in touch today to discuss the creative direction for your next campaign.