Written by Matt Bennett, CCO at ZAK.

There I said it.

They did. They made dreaming for dreaming’s sake uncool. Unless your dream was for the greater good you were wasting peoples time. And unless your story was uber authentic it was fake, shallow, hollow.

So that’s the end of the Smash Aliens and the PG Tips monkeys then.
That’s the end of the Nescafe couple and Papa and Nicole.

That’s the end of an idea being good and commercial and creative. Without needing to be true. Hands up who is bored of the truth in advertising. Sell me the fucking dream man, not the regurgitated sob story of an athlete that got knocked down but got back up again. Under Armour can win all the awards it wants with Michael Phelps listening to The Kills in his budgie smugglers whilst shivering and staring at a swimming pool. I want to see Michael Phelps setting me a big fucking dream to aim at, like… to swim faster than a fucking dolphin, in an Olympic sized swimming pool. And then I want the Dolphin to introduce his friend Marvin the Marlin, and for Phelps to kick its shiny torpedo shaped ass (if a Marlin indeed has one). I want him to make me dream of how to do it for reals…

Fucking Hipsters. Navel gazing do-gooders. Idealists who inherited the shitty climate and instead of dreaming up big ideas to solve the problem, they’re sipping their 4000 air mile FiJi water and thinking laterally about how to change it, busily building solar panels and selling their energy back to the grid. Scarred by their broken dreams, traumatised by 2007-2009s biting recession and the subsequent austerity measures they retreated into reality and authenticity, seeking out only the truth and bringing down any capitalist lying pigs who create advertising flights of fancy.

But my friends, all is not lost. For behind the hipsters, we have the saviours of creativity. The dreamers unencumbered by trying to assuage the inherited guilt of their parents through repairing the planet one Venezuelan single estate coffee bean at a time. I bring you the Gen Z, kick ass, big thinking, let’s leave this fucking tinpot planet behind us and move to fucking Mars dreamers who drink pure Peckham Spring and give zero fucks cos they’ve got bigger plans than dying of mercury poisoning and know that the twisted irony of the Hipster has led to shitty advertising. And they’re not prepared to stand for it.

So. My call to arms to all of those who advertise, create content or publish is this. Start enjoying your work again. Throw off your shackles of authenticity. Break from the chains of turgid influencer crap. Point your fun rockets in the right direction and set your phasers to fucking stunning! Embrace the dreamers for they will inherit the earth. And what’s more, they will know what to do with it. Bolder, more determined and brighter eyed than their predecessors the next batch of gremlins won’t turn into monsters if you throw tap water on them. They’ll fucking bathe in it and then figure out how to turn it into rocket fuel and fly us all to Mars.

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