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Guerilla Marketing for Your Next Email Campaign


Email marketing is still one of the most effective tools content agencies use to build brand awareness and customer loyalty for their clients. Because of this, email is used by hundreds and thousands of firms worldwide. But unfortunately, customers who are already bombarded with ads every day might soon be prone to overlooking emails in their inbox.

In the past, there have been plenty of examples of showstopping marketing stunts that have used more creative techniques to get an audience’s attention. These guerilla marketing strategies don’t always need a big budget. By understanding the principles of guerilla marketing, you can take your email campaigns a step further and turn digital heads.

Understanding Guerilla Marketing

First things first, familiarise yourself with the core principles of guerrilla marketing. Big stunts certainly win attention, but more important than that is the element of surprise and subverting expectations. Of course, you don’t always need to pull out the big guns to manage to surprise and wow audiences. The key could be a provocative, unexpected image, an incredible story or a hugely personalised piece of content.

Email Guerilla Marketing Best Practices

Here are a few considerations as you develop your next email marketing campaign with a guerilla twist:


At first glance, guerrilla marketing might seem unruly or chaotic, borne from a burst of inspiration that demands being put into motion. In truth, however, a successful marketing stunt needs to be tested and researched carefully.

This means using A/B split testing on different emails to determine the best subject lines and content for email campaigns. This way, you can see if a specific approach resonates with your audience.

Don’t Underestimate Your Subject Line

When it comes to emails and grabbing attention, the subject line is almost more important than the content. This is the first glimpse customers will see of your email. Suppose the issue you are combatting is that not enough readers open your emails. In that case, your subject line has to be what convinces them otherwise. This is the place to be outlandish, overboard, surprising and risky.

Stay On Brand, and Be Willing to Be Different

Keep in mind that differences can be shocking. So don’t be afraid of offending if you want to make a surprising impact with your next email campaign. The most impactful emails might be addressing sensitive topics, offending sensibilities and using humour that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The importance here is to know your crowd and what your brand stands for. Guerilla techniques are not suitable for every brand, and your ideas must stay in line with your brand values and tone.

When developing branded content, a professional strategy could take you further than individual email campaigns. If you want to break the mould and do something unusual, rely on a content agency’s expertise to guide your next steps. ZAK is a creative agency in London working with innovative and self-determining brands to create campaigns as they’ve never been seen before. Get in touch today to chat about your next project.