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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Looking to Outsource Your Content


Ever heard ‘content is king’? Of course, you have, the phrase is entirely overused – but it’s also incredibly accurate. No business can survive without content, it’s just not possible, but what do you do if you’re just no good with words?

There’s no shame in it, and it has no bearing on how good you are at what you do either. The truth is, not everyone can write. And, unless you have a natural knack for it – being able to produce quality content is a skill that requires specialist knowledge, years of experience and above all else – talent.

The good news is there are people you can outsource your content needs too that have those specialist skills to make it shine, whatever industry you’re in. But we get it, trusting an outsider with your pride and joy is a big move, and it can be pretty daunting. So here are five reasons to seriously consider using an agency who specialise in content production.

Believe It or Not – It Can Actually Save You Money

Suppose you’ve been keeping your content exclusively in-house. In that case, you will be all too familiar with the costs associated with hiring copywriters. It all mounts up from recruiting and training them up to getting the necessary equipment and paying salaries and overheads.

When you opt to outsource your content to an agency, you will usually be given the option of paying a monthly retainer for all your content needs. The cost of this will likely mirror one, maybe two in-house writers’ salaries.

Costs will only go up as your business grows, and more content writers are needed. So it can really save you money, in the long run, to outsource your content instead.

It Keeps Your Content Fresh

Have you ever spent so long on a project that it suddenly loses all meaning? This is a common issue with keeping content production in-house. Let’s face it, if you’re writing about the same few subjects day in, day out, you’re bound to run out of ideas and inspiration eventually. But stagnant content is evident from a mile away – and it can be a real turn-off for your loyal customers.

Opting for an external content production agency can be the breath of fresh air that your content needs. With new ideas and an unbiased approach, it can see the quality of your content sky-rocket.

They’re Adaptable!

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons we hear for why people are reluctant to outsource content to an agency is lack of industry knowledge. It’s an understandable concern too, after all, if you specialise in a niche area, or one with many technical factors, expecting someone outside that industry to fully understand what you do and explain it to others can seem like an impossible ask.

But the good news is that it’s well within the capabilities of a content agency if you choose a good one of course! An agency who specialise in content production has the flexibility and adaptability to focus solely on you, and what makes your business tick. Remember, they do this every day, so picking up new industries is just parr for the course. With time to dedicate to understanding every facet of your brand, it can be a walk in the park for them to accurately represent everything your service offers through content.

Become More Consistent

If you’re running a business and creating all the content, eventually, something has to give. You’re unlikely to let your core business slide, so what goes first? It’s the content, of course, and without consistency, you can fast lose momentum. Honestly, customers will lose interest in you.

There’s no denying that allowing an agency to take full responsibility of your business’s content side lessons the load for you, allowing you to put more focus into the business side of things. We’re sure your loyal customers will notice and appreciate, the extra effort put into the content you’re putting out too!

Inject Some Creativity Into Your Content

If content isn’t what you do, then the chances are that anything you’ve produced has been written up to now. We’re talking emails, blogs – that sort of thing. But, content is so much more than just words, and outsourcing the responsibility to the professionals can really help to shake things up, approaching things with new creativity.

Whether it’s fun videos, helpful infographics or even an e-book – the sky’s the limit with your content. An external set of pros can really make your brand come to life in ways you never imagined.

Are You Neglecting Your Company Content?

Content marketing is vital that much is a given. Still, it’s an area that is sadly so often neglected, whether due to a lack of time or skillset. In many cases, it can be the best thing for your business to outsource the responsibility. If the above isn’t reason enough, just consider the time it will save you when you no longer have to spend crippling hours over a keyboard!