Facebook ‘dead’ to anyone under 30 as the social media giant loses out to the likes of WhatsApp and Snapchat

The social media big-hitter does not even appear in the list of top 50 brands for those aged under 30 losing out to platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat

FACEBOOK is “dead” to anyone under the age of 30, according to a new survey. The social media giant has more than 2.2billion active users worldwide.
But it has slumped in popularity with the under-30s and does not even appear in their list of top 50 brands. Netflix was voted No1, followed by Amazon and YouTube. The poll of 1,000 under-30s was commissioned by leading youth ­creative agency ZAK.

Matt Bennett, its chief creative officer, said: “It’s no surprise that Facebook isn’t in the top 50 — the platform lost its relevance for under-30s for many reasons. Primarily, they use it to keep up with cross-generational groups, family, work colleagues, etc.

“So by definition content on there isn’t something under-30s feel is tightly targeted to them. Messenger gets a poor image by association and has too much competition. Where our groups hang out is closed social platforms such as WhatsApp, platforms that are more ­interest specific such as Twitch, and Instagram and Snapchat, who are adding fun and functionality.”

1.Netflix 23.9%
2.Amazon 19.1%
3.YouTube 17.3%
4.Apple 14.1%
5.Google 12.9%
6.Primark 12.5%
7.Instagram 12.4%
8.Nike 9.7%
9.ASOS 9.4%
10.Spotify 8.9%