Don’t Let Black Friday Leave You Black and Blue

Black Friday can damage not only consumers’ purses but some end up black and blue after a rampage to get their hands on a cut-price wide-screen TV. It literally drives people insane, sating their intense appetite for a bargain. But is this calendar date damaging brands too with their sell-sell-sell approach? Some brands are taking a different tack this year in helping us all survive the frenzy.

Google is taking on consumerism this year by letting people know how busy shops are in real-time. This is part of their ‘know before you go’ system that gives you the opportunity to see if the shop is busier than usual and warning you to wait until it slows down.  

Patagonia, the outdoor clothing retailer, have decided to donate 100%, yes you heard it right, of its global Black Friday sales to charity. Their CEO stated that smaller organisations that are standing in the front line more than often don’t get the funding they need and therefore they have decided to donate to local organisations that work on protecting our air, water and soil for future generations. 

And for those who can’t help themselves to a bargain the price-hacker tool Camelcamelcamel are helping you check if your deal is legitimate.  

So you see, some goodness can come out of Black Friday, even if you don’t manage to elbow the crowd to get the loot.

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