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Does Your Brand Taste as Good as it Looks?


How a creative agency can boost your brand

Here’s a quick question for you:

You know your company has terrific products that rise above those of your competitors, but how do you let your audience know about those?

The simple answer: working with a creative design agency that can boost your brand and establish it as a leader in your industry

The answer may be simple, but finding the right creative agency can be tricky. If they don’t get it right, it could be an expensive mistake with potentially disastrous results. So how can you ensure that a creative agency can boost your brand?

Read on to find out how the right creative agency can boost your brand, make it trustworthy and give it longevity in a crowded marketplace.

Start at the Beginning

How many times have you heard someone shouting into their mobile about strategy on your morning commute?

Your creative agency will understand that before they dive right in and check out your brand identity and creative collateral, they have to blow the dust off your brand strategy first.

If you don’t have such a strategy, the starting point will be to create one. If you do, but it’s been languishing in your mental filing cabinet for too long, you and your creative agency will polish it and give it some focus and consistency across your entire brand.

Look at our work with Topdeck Travel and Fortnum & Mason. It shows it’s possible to bring an existing and well-established brand back to life with a new creative strategy.

Your Brand Identity and Voice

Your chosen creative agency will help you get to the root of what you want your customers to feel when they see your products and marketing collateral.

Suppose your brand identity is confused and inconsistent. In that case, a creative agency gives you access to talented designers who will work with you to ensure that your brand identity and voice are consistent across your website, logos, ad campaigns, marketing materials and so on.

But, it’s important to remember that your brand isn’t just your logo and a few nice slogans. It’s who and what you are, what you do and why you do it.

ZAK has extensive experience of working with companies to help them define their brand strategies so that they have the foundations in place for brand trust. Once your customers recognise your brand, they can build a lasting and trusting relationship with you.

Content is King

Consumers need more than just informative content that’s dry and well, dull. If you want to boost your brand and connect with your audience, your creative agency will understand that it has to try that bit harder. How? By providing a bit of entertainment, creativity and fun.

Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been a lot of fun so far, and an injection of humour into a world that can sometimes feel like fun was so 2019, can go a long way to boosting your brand.

A creative agency can create a fun video, website, social and advertising content that’s high-quality and informative. Fun doesn’t have to mean shallow. Creating such content takes audience insight, creativity, energy and work that’s backed up by the numbers.

Look at some of our creative content for Barbour Beacon, the less famous sibling in the 100+-year-old family.

Connect With Your Audience

To connect with your customers and potential customers, you have to get to know them first: what they like, dislike, where they hang out, their age, income, who their friends are, what they identify them, and what drives them.

By working with a creative agency, you can create well-honed customer profiles that make it easier for you to target your creative campaigns and boost your brand. ZAK’s work with SELFHOOD, a diverse group of U30s consumers, gives us fantastic insight into what makes this cohort tick.

Use On-Trend Marketing Tactics

Your creative agency can further boost your brand by making it accessible and relatable to your target audience using social and content platforms that your audience prefers. This includes creating video content for your social media platforms, digital advertising and search engine optimisation.

The goal is not to reinvent the wheel but use audience and marketing tactic insights to boost your brand presence.

Does your brand taste as good as it looks? If not, contact us to build your brand.