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Content Writing With AI: Is It a Good Idea to Incorporate AI Into Your Content Marketing Strategy?


With every passing year, AI tools are becoming a bigger deal in business. Already, AI is used in marketing through features like AI chatbots, funnel automations, and more. Now, AI is capable of writing content.

If you’re struggling to come up with articles to add to your post and want a quicker and easier solution to get a lot of writing done, these tools seem like a godsend. But, could they be the right way to break through your writing block and win you better visibility online?

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of AI content writing tools.

What Are AI Content Writing Tools, and Can They Really Write Content?

Before discussing the benefits, it’s essential to know precisely what content writing tools powered by AI actually achieve and how they work. AI isn’t at a stage where it’s capable of unique and individual thought. Instead, AI content writing tools draw from a database of existing content and jumble it into new, original content. At least where plagiarism checkers are concerned.

These tools function using natural language generation, processing, and deep learning.

AI content writing software may offer blog content templates, generate content based on a heading or keywords, or let you rewrite an existing article with all new formulations.

So, what are the benefits and challenges?

Should You Use AI to Write Your Content?

The benefits of AI in rewriting content are still somewhat limited, with the most significant advantage being that content writing tools are rapid.

If you don’t have time to generate content, or you aren’t confident in your writing abilities, these tools may seem like a quick, ideal solution for posting on your blog every few days and improving your SEO with keyword-rich content. AI is also already capable of producing error-free, concise and even engaging content based on best practices in content writing.

There is no denying that AI content writing can significantly scale the volume of your content and therefore pad out what your site presents online. Because of this, AI is disrupting the industry despite its many limitations.

However, many new challenges present themselves if you opt for a content writing tool to do the heavy lifting.

AI Content Writing Can Be Expensive

To benefit from AI tools, you’ll need to invest in software that can rewrite articles for you or even write them from scratch. Unfortunately, this often comes at an ongoing and high monthly cost or a cost per article. Usually, the expenses outweigh writing the content yourself or even turning to an advertising company in London for assistance.

You Lose That Human Touch

Next, whilst AI can write grammatically well, the produced articles lack human sentiment. It’s still a machine that’s writing the content. So much as you can often specify a tone of voice to write in, there is no emotional appeal, authenticity or authentic human experience behind any content. If customers realise they’re reading AI regurgitation, your authenticity and care for your work may be questioned.

You Might Lack Natural Flow

At times, AI still fails to grasp the context of an article. It will base its writing on existing content and thereby adopt its mistakes, sometimes reformulating articles in nonsensical ways. You’ll still need to proofread and edit each piece.

If you want to put your best foot forward, we recommend avoiding AI content writing tools for your brand. Your values, culture and mission are unique to you, and only real humans will understand your appeal and communicate it to your audience.

If you’re struggling to develop a content strategy or need help finding your voice, why not contact an advertising agency in London?

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