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Best Practices for Digital Branding Strategies in 2021


A digital presence is vital in this digital age to scale your business and keep engaging your audience. Through a successful digital branding strategy, you can remain relevant and set yourself apart from the competition. Most importantly, you can refine every touchpoint that a consumer might experience with your brand online and put your best foot forward on all occasions.

As a brand strategy agency in London, ZAK has fine-tuned its approach to creating the most effective digital branding strategies. In this article, we’ll share a few of our insights to nudge you in the right direction, whether you’re working on your own or with the help of a design agency.

What’s Digital Branding?

If you’re already familiar with branding, digital branding won’t be a novel concept to you, either. Your brand encapsulates how the world perceives you. It communicates to your audience:

  • Who you are as a company
  • What makes you unique
  • What your mission is as an organization
  • What values do you stand behind
  • Who your customers are

These questions are answered through your website, social media, logo, tone of voice, graphics and more. Digital branding, and therefore a digital branding strategy, simply refers to how you might use digital assets and platforms to shape your brand online.

What Contributes to a Digital Branding Strategy?

Your brand strategy has to bring together a multitude of elements into one cohesive image. This includes:

  • Your logo
  • Your website
  • Brand messaging
  • SEO
  • Social media presence
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising

…and more.

A digital brand strategy should finetune the user experience across your online channels. It should keep in mind content, social and email marketing and optimize SEO so that you can easily be found online. Digital branding also relies on traditional and more modern forms of digital advertising. This might include paid advertising but can also include influencer marketing or user-generated content.

A lot of planning goes into an effective digital branding strategy. That’s why collaborating with a brand strategy agency can help you benefit from expert knowledge and a refined process.

For now, we won’t be discussing all the intricacies of creating a strategy. Instead, here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you think about what your digital branding should be all about.

Community Adds Context to a Brand

Finding your community should be one of your biggest priorities as a brand, and your digital branding strategy should reflect that. Creating for that same target audience becomes much easier once you have a community and listen to them. So rather than creating a brand and hoping people will follow, you should take some time to get to know the people you want to care about your products.

Communities are what differentiates a good product and a sustainable brand. Instead of slowing down each new development process and repeatedly thinking about the target context, an existing community allows you to stay in the zone.

Can’t Find Your Niche? Make Your Niche.

A brand is far more complex than a standalone product, and much of it relies on emotional connections with customers. Because of this, you can change your own fate when it comes to brand strategy. There is no official rule book, no status quo to follow. However, empathy goes a long way, and if you can communicate your unique vision to your audience, you can create your own playing field.

Design Agencies Can Pass You The Sword – You Need to Wield It

Creative branding agencies can distil your brand into a formula. They can create the styling you need to put your best self forward online and equip you with the tools you need to paint the right picture in the minds of your audience.

What a brand agency cannot do is make an impact across all levels of your organization. If you’re enlisting a design agency in London to help with your digital brand agency, prepare for a partnership rather than a simple hire. By allowing a brand strategy to take in all your processes and make a sincere impact on your organization, you can foster the soul and authenticity that customers will come to rely on.

ZAK is a brand strategy agency in London that can help you communicate your mission through effective online branding. We smash through boundaries for ground-breaking organizations to create new ways to formulate your brand. Get in touch today to chat about how we can help you rule the digital realm.