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7 Ways to Design a Better Brand Identity


If you’re looking for a brand design agency to help you with a brand redesign a new brand identity, you’re in the right place. Before you dive in and appoint any agency, we think it’s essential you see past the shiny bits and promises they make you.

Here are just seven ways we think it’s possible to design a better brand identity.

  1. Strategy Comes First

Your brand strategy is how you form your vision for your brand, your values and a proposition upon which everyone involved agrees on. Nothing moves without this. Without a strategy, how can you measure your success? It’s also the time when you identify what’s unique about your brand and the audience you hope to attract. What makes it different? If you and your chosen agency work this out at the beginning, you’re halfway there.

ZAK works with brands that want to stay relevant now and in the future. Our Topdeck Travel rebrand is just one example of how we created campaigns upon solid strategic foundations.

  1. The Design Brief

There’s no point in creating design concepts without a full design brief that reflects your strategic goals. Without a brief, your design team is going to rely too much on guesswork and intuition.

ZAK takes that pain away. We like to have a rational explanation for every part of our brief, without stifling the creative process, of course. Look at what we did for BLOOM Gin’s new brand identity.

  1. The Homework

The right creative branding agency will do their homework before joining you at the table with a load of ideas. They’ll look at your brand’s personality, its background, what its new character wants to look like. They’ll analyze how that fits with and is perceived by its intended audience across all publicity platforms. They’ll also talk to you about your expectations, so there are no misunderstandings. And, they’ll test the branding design with its intended audience before it sees the light of day.

What we don’t know, we’ll work to find out. ZAK has access to audience insights and cultural wake-ups through SELFHOOD, our U30 global network. These participants are more than happy to share their thoughts on our work and brand identity, no holds barred.

  1. One Eye on The Competition

Without knowing what your competitors are up to, there’s no way of ensuring that you’re designing something fresh and original. The right creative agency will learn all about your competitors, their branding, and ensure that your products are sat in First Class. In contrast, your competitors are stuck in Economy.

  1. Bet on More Than One Horse

A new logo is excellent. But it’s just one part of your brand identity. Relying on a new logo alone isn’t going to win you the race. Yes, it’s your linchpin, but you can’t build your brand identity without other marketing collateral in your stable.

We always look at the bigger picture when designing a client’s brand identity. That way, we can see how every aspect of your brand fits together to form a cohesive whole.

  1. Less is More

A big part of designing a better brand identity is knowing not only what the client needs, but also when to stop creating. A simple yet effective brand identity can be timeless, powerful, and be able to move with the client’s needs.

By using a clean and striking colour palette with suitable typography and no clutter, you’re designing a brand identity that stands out from a very cluttered marketplace.

  1. Team Effort

Anyone working with you on a better brand identity has to collaborate. Being ignored by your chosen design team who run off and just do what they want without considering your intended goal isn’t listening.

ZAK is a team. We turn up, collaborate, we listen and return phone calls. We get that you know your products inside out. Look at what we did for Dune.

Before We Go

Designing a better brand identity can be a challenging process. But it can also be creative, fun and inspiring. If you work with the right people who understand you and what you want to achieve.

Let us tell you a bit more about our approach to brand design. Get in touch and say hello.