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6 Typography Trends to Look Out for in 2022


Your choice of typography can make all the difference in how a line of text will impact your audience. The text is everywhere, whether it’s about a heading on your website, a slogan on an ad banner, or type features in your motion graphics. How you design it will say a lot about your brand.

Because of this, creative design agencies put their expertise towards finding the perfect typeface and styling for your messaging. However, if you’re not partnering with a creative agency in London and want to try choosing your typography this year, be aware of the market’s trends.

Here are six exciting typography trends to inspire you this year.

Outlined Text

Outlined fonts are an excellent addition to the hero section of your website. These fonts allow you to see through to a simple background, making the text less intrusive and more elegant. The key to outlining text with no centre filling is to ensure a high contrast to the background that keeps the text readable. Therefore, only use outlined fonts on simple backgrounds that don’t demand too much attention.

Big, Bold Headlines

Bold, prominent headlines have sometimes been too “out there” to find a place in typography trends. But this year, you can spot them in plenty of places. You can make your headline more prominent by choosing an eye-catching, thick font. This isn’t just dramatic but also ensures that visitors merely skimming your website will find themselves drawn to what matters.

Brutalist Fonts

This typography style was inspired by brutalist architecture, which utilises many harsh, straight lines and lacks decoration. As such, it presents imposing, giant letters that can be placed in unexpected ways. Nowadays, designers have put a softer spin on brutalist typefaces, but they still maintain an imposing, confident air.

Broken Type Layouts

Another trend we observe is designers lay out their text in unexpected ways. The effect can be jarring; therefore, it is hard to execute it right. After all, you want to avoid compromising readability. For example, broken typography splits up text so that a letter might drop further below, some letters might be missing, or spacing between letters might be irregular.

Psychedelic Colours

Neon was already a design trend in 2021. Now, psychedelic colours like oranges, pinks, blues, greens and reds have made it into typography. In addition, Tie-dye colours and effects are in, so let your inner flower child play to its heart’s content. Just be mindful of contrast when pairing bold colours with text – readability must remain a priority!

Animated Typography

Another trend that has continued from 2021 is type animation. This helps draw the eye to the text and engages the viewer’s attention for longer as they want to see the animation complete. Some popular examples include typefaces paired with a cursor that deletes and rewrites text sections or letters flying in from off-screen. Letters could change under the hovering mouse or fade from the background as users scroll.

When you choose an animation for your text, keep the font plain and straightforward so it is easy to read and doesn’t add unnecessary complexity.

Letters Swimming Before Your Eyes? Let The Experts Take a Look

To an untrained eye, many fonts look precisely the same, and there is no particular intent regarding spacing, line height, kerning and other elements. However, typography is a very technical art in which precision and intention matter greatly. That’s why most creative design agencies employ typography experts and spend their due time investing in the right decision.

If you can’t make heads or tails of letters, consider working with a creative design agency in London.

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