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How Creative Marketing Agencies Will Help You Build Your Brand


How Creative Marketing Agencies Will Help You Build Your Brand 

It’s immediately apparent why a company might use the services of an accountancy firm or an IT company. Less obvious to some people may be why you might want to hire a creative marketing agency.

If that’s what you think and you think you can manage your marketing needs internally, or your higher-ups think it, keep reading. We know there is some stand out reasons why a creative marketing agency will help you build your brand, and this blog is here to help convince you how. 

There are probably plenty of reasons why you want to build your brand: 

  • Increase your bottom line 
  • Reach a new audience 
  • Tell consumers about new products 
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors 
  • All the above 

Whatever yours are, stay with us and enjoy the ride. 


It’s a word that’s bandied around at meetings and at all levels of the corporate ladder. But how often do brands actually remember to incorporate creative marketing into their strategy?  

Our experience tells us that it’s often brought to the table pretty late. A bit like that last-minute invitation to a dinner party everyone else was invited to weeks ago. By asking your creative marketing agency to the table at the same time as everyone else, it will help create a marketing strategy that’s consistent across your entire brand. It’s not just a smart move. It’s a cost-effective move too.  

The right creative marketing agency will add value and help your brand integrate marketing as part of your overall strategic goals. Then, it will assist you in implementing that strategy by bringing it to life. Look at our work with Topdeck Travel as just one example of what we can do.  

Brand Identity 

Today’s brands are under pressure to stand out from the crowd. In an already busy marketplace, how can your brand distinguish itself from your competitors and attract and retain a loyal following? The answer is simple: by having a strong brand identity.  

A brand isn’t just your logo and a few pretty slogans. It’s who and what you are. It’s also what you do and why you do it. 

A creative marketing agency will help you get to the root of this and work with you so that your brand identity runs through your business like letters in a stick of rock. Your brand identity is everything. It’s how your teams behave, and what your products look like. Above all, it’s your personality, your mission, your values, your voice and how you want your audience to see you.  

A creative marketing agency should know this and work with you to create a stand out brand identity that’s reflected in your logo, website, copy, design, and company behaviours.  

Look at ZAK’s work with Barbour Beacon, the lesser-known member of the famous 100+-year-old family. We’re a next-generation creative agency that takes a consumer-led approach to its brand identity development work, and we ensure that you’re part of that exciting journey.  

Marketing Collateral 

No, we don’t just mean a few posters and dusting off your website. We’re talking about professional web design/redesign, the latest technology and fresh and exciting copy that stands the test of time.  

We’re also referring to exciting and relevant social media and video content that’s shareable and worth talking about. Above all, if you need marketing collateral, not only does it have to look good, it also has to speak to your audience. That’s as well as relate to your brand and provide a consistent message. 

Take a look at some of our copy driven marketing collateral for Fortnum & Mason and our fully integrated marketing campaign for Bloom Gin.  


Video content is everywhere. Creative video content is a fast way of brands reaching their target audience with lasting content that’s shareable and worth talking about.  

Whether its video ads, vlogs or recordings of live streams, the success rate of video-led campaigns is reflected in the numbers: 

84: percentage of people who say they’ve been convinced to buy a product after watching a brand’s video 

68: percentage of people who prefer to learn about a product by watching a video 

16: number of hours people watch online video per week, up by 52% in the last two years 

2: people are twice as likely to share video content with friends than any other type of content 

Your creative marketing agency will incorporate video into your overall marketing strategy and make it exciting, engaging, entertaining, and captivatingly visual. Not only that, your video campaigns can be instructive and establish authority with your target audience.  

Look at our ambitious and high-quality content created by our in-house team at High Stakes Films to whet your appetite.  

Audience Insight 

Once you have your marketing strategy and brand identity in place, it’s time to take a more in-depth look at your target audience. For your campaigns to succeed, you have to understand where your intended audience hangs out online, what they think and what moves them.  

It can be hard work understanding the sometimes fickle natures of your intended audience. That’s where your creative marketing agency can help. By hiring a team of experts who understand your target audience, you’re giving yourself the time to focus on the rest of your business.  

ZAK understands that audience insight can be hard to come by. That’s why we’ve created SELFHOOD for insight that moves at the speed of light. It’s our very own global U30 family whose members give us honest, real-time realish*t insight into current trends, global issues and way more. Don’t believe us? Take a look.   


Let’s not forget the numbers. A creative marketing campaign is all very well, but what if it isn’t reaching its intended audience and/or you’re not getting your ROI?  

A creative marketing agency can combine the powerful impact of innovative marketing campaigns and use analytics to dig out all-important data on consumers’ interaction with your brand. 

Analytics will help you reach your target audience with compelling and relevant campaign messages that stick.  

ZAK is a next-generation marketing agency that understands the importance of research and data while ensuring we don’t suck the joy out of our creative campaigns. Our ambition, creativity and bravery mean we create bold and exciting campaigns while understanding the importance of being able to back them up with the numbers.  

Before We Go 

So there it is, some of the many reasons why and how a creative marketing agency will help you build your brand. Want to find out more? Get in touch and say hello.