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Creative Design & Branding Agency London

The youth market, like the youth brain, is constantly in flux. Young people are used to having new, fresh content at the tip of their fingers in an instant, and then they move on to the next new thing. That’s why it is so important for us to adopt the role of both a design and Branding Agency.

We are based in London but have a global view. Our SELFHOOD network and the insight that it provides allows us to see the differences between the preferences of different groups of young people – but more importantly, it allows us to see the similarities between these youth audiences right across the globe. These insights have been crucial to some of our global projects, and as such are reflected in the work we do, both for our own brand as well as for our clients.

One day we may have to think as a Design Agency London for the launch of The Dune Group’s Head Over Heels brand, and the next day we have to produce the perfect poster of Sadio Mane to be displayed in the streets of Dakar. From strategy to implementation, ZAK is the Next Generation Agency.

We come up with creative solutions that enable us to build brands, create a visual identity, establish a tone of voice and help you to understand your target audience across brand and digital. Our design studio are experts in brand design, brand identity, web design, brand packaging and brand experience. Everything we do is fuelled by strategy and creativity and we pride ourselves being a brand strategy agency and communications agency who will help you to deliver the branding strategy that is right for you.