halloween special

mutated movie directors

what happens when you merge famous directors and their most iconic screen character? all sorts of weird! take a look at visual artist, mike leavitt’s warped and sometimes-beautiful wooden figure mutations of movie magic.

jigsaw, the office prankster

when he’s not getting people to saw their own feet off or setting shotgun tripwires, jigsaw, has to make ends meet with an office job. however, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

the dark web

meet hermie, the mouse eating spider who’ll not only clear your house of small rodents, but probably take your car and all your valuables too. oh, and give you a lifetime of nightmares. 

cannot be unseen

what better way to round off weird sh*t than with a series of terrifyingly awkward photos of cross-dressing dogs. don’t have nightmares.

where you really from?

one for the office playlist? russia’s favourite female punk rock protest band are back with a charming little ditty just in time for halloween titled, straight outta vagina. nsfw obvs.

nail biting stuff

there’s weird and then there’s just plain-old disturbing. Dutch self-taught artist piggieluv has created 49 seconds of pure gore. you have been warned.