volume 98

snapchat makes a spectacle

snapchat ups its social media game with the introduction of ‘spectacles’. the glasses record and sync with the app via bluetooth or wifi, and let you snap out stories as you see them.

sony grow even bigger balls

stunning art direction from sony as they show how colours ‘burst’ to life in their spectacular new tv advert.

supermodels roam the streets with freedom!

george michael’s iconic music video from the 90’s is recreated with a new team of supermodels to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the track!

bjork goes digital

an artist known for pioneering in future technology, bjork’s exhibition of her new work ‘vulnicura’ has gone digital, with the fans getting a 360 vr concert in replacement of a live tour. read more about it here.

doritos produce their dullest flavour yet

doritos stir up food for thought with their new guerrilla tactics to try and get more young americans to register to vote.

total trash

wouldn’t it be great if everyone was this creative with their rubbish? bordalo segundo delivers a powerful message about the amount of litter being left behind with his unique art. take a closer look here.