volume 96

yoko wants you in her next art piece

yoko ono is asking women from all around the world to take part in her next art piece. her facebook post calls for participants to send in a picture of their eyes with a caption explaining any harm done to them because they were female. the piece will be displayed in the reykjavik art museum in october. find out more about it here.

surfing for rich kids

a new sport is set to make waves and it’s called drone surfing. no need to explain it, watch the video for yourself.


commuters in clapham common underground station were welcomed this week with a collection of cat posters. the crowd funded campaign was brought to life when the ‘citizen advertising takeover service’ managed to raise enough money to buy the advertising space normally graced with the mundane. we love it! you can find out more about it here.

real models at nyfw

j.crew have decided to ditch the model stereotype that comes with nyfw and have opted instead for real people of all size, age and occupation to model their clothes in their fashion show this week. 

white stripes in the shower

the white stripes latest music video is fearless in execution with just one continuous shot of someone having a shower. see how the story unfolds in their very clever video.

gluten free art

where would life be without gluten eh? well we’ve found the answer to exactly that question in this humorous ‘gluten free museum’ tumblr account. see how different famous paintings would look without the good stuff here.