volume 94

wtf has thor been up to?

in response to the outcry of captain america fans asking ‘where the f*$k was thor?’ in the latest film, comic con decided to let the public know what he had been up to.

star wars go toy rogue

star wars have created a mini series featuring a selection of the franchise’s toy memorabilia. aptly titled ‘star wars go rogue’, this week’s episode sees the death star’s instructions go missing…

kenzo gets kinky

watch actress margaret qualley go wild in this brilliantly executed advert for fashion label kenzo’s new perfume release.

school dance party

we love the art direction in the music video for tigerilla’s track ‘tulips ft. gill bates’…almost as much as we love the dance moves.

the joy of fallout 4 with bob ross

youtuber remakes the joy of painting with bob ross in the fallout 4 video game. paint with bob ross using the unique ‘tools’ from the fallout 4 art cupboard.

trippin' on the subway

mesmerizing illustrations from the avalanches in their new music video titled subways.