volume 93

don't look down

the world’s highest bridge is made out of glass, that’s right, glass. it recently opened in the chinese province of hunan and stands at a hair raising 300m above the ground. read more here.

explore mars with your mouse

the rover ‘curiosity’ captures a 360 vista of mars and now you can explore it too. read more about the rover’s journey here on the nasa site.

who dropped a stinker..?

…ubisoft have. they’ve created a headset which makes you smell farts as you play southpark’s new game ‘the fractured but whole’. charming!

great athletes broken down by science

the usa olympic track team take us through the science behind training and what it takes to become a top athlete. great, there’s still hope for none of us…

driverless ubers

the autonomous uber launches this month in pittsburgh. the modified volvo xc90s will run on their own using cameras, lasers, gps and radar to navigate their way around the city. read more here

the world's first website

in celebration of the internet turning 25 on the 23rd of august, we thought we’d have a look back at the very first website created and see how far it’s come since day