volume 91


ever since kanye tweeted that he wanted to work with ikea, people have been ripping the sh*t out of it, all over social. watch ikea join in the fun too.

infinity for just £40

ps4 have launched their new game no man’s sky on the 10th of august. explore a virtual universe as big as our own and come across worlds undiscovered. order a copy here.


serena is your #twerkcoach

current wimbledon champion serena williams adds another string to her racket and shows us how to twerk in her new tutorial video…surprisingly very informative.

suicide squad, brick by brick

the suicide squad film hasn’t been killing it in its reviews… so can lego come to the rescue?

are you an armchair olympian?

caught the olympic bug? well there’s no need to leave this screen to compete. wall street journal have made a series of mini games for you to test your skills. play here.

drizzle my shizzle martha

snoop dogg and martha stewart are getting their own cooking show on vh1. no you’re not tripping.