volume 79

give yourself a handy

​stroke your ego with the handy awards, the first advertising award show that you don’t even have to enter to win. simply go on their website, and follow instructions.



the original cast returns

danny boyle returns along with trainspotting’s original cast for a much anticipated sequel.

drake proves he's funny

drake’s altercations with other rappers are legendary. here he shows how no one gets away with disrespecting him, not even snl.

great music video. marmite band

creatively clever video from coldplay, whether you love or hate their music.

spice up your run

old spice create a custom app that lets you draw the shape of your prize by running it.

'post it' wars

it started with a harmless ‘hi’ in a window…and then turned into carnage as ad agencies up and down canal street started ‘post it’ note wars through their windows. follow the live feud here.