volume 73

5 year old politicians

the green party pokes fun at the political playground with their party election broadcast. we think they’ve got a few spot on.

the beyonce brand

queen beyonce is set to take over the sporting world with her new collection of ‘performance wear’, hitting shops mid-april. check out the site here.



brent's back

ricky gervais said 3 series of the office was enough but david brent is back, with a film. set to hit cinemas in august.

camera contact lenses

samsung has been given the rights to a patent that will allow them to create contact lenses with a built-in camera. read more about it here.

rogue one: a star wars story

a teaser trailer for the next instalment of star wars, looking at how the rebels stole the death star plans. out this christmas.

their skills are on fire

watch freestylers henderson, joltter and donchet perform their amazing football skills…while the ball is on fire.