volume 71

dj super hans set to tour

yes, it’s confirmed. peepshow’s super hans is on tour as a dj this summer. keep an eye out for him at:  “festivals, ibiza and small pubs. choonz & jokes innit.”

can you relate?

these brutally honest but equally hilarious doodles perfectly summarise what it’s like trying to be an adult. any hit home?

bridget's back

the lady who made big knickers famous is back, with a baby.

ghosts of the past

a haunting series of images show an abandoned high school building, overlaid with photographs from its once vibrant history. bonus information: the high school is famous for alumni such as diana ross and jack white.



audi's hilarious wifi names

audi make use of unusual media space at the new york auto show as they fire shots at competitor brands through their clever wifi names.

if carlsberg did...chocolate

carlsberg launched a chocolate pop up bar in london, where everything from the floor to the dart board was made of cocoa – just in time for easter.