volume 70

lil' wayne, champagne, campaign

using champagne like it’s water, lil wayne teams up with samsung to test their new product feature…

you're invited to a sausage party

the guys who brought you superbad and pineapple express, now invite you to join the sausage party.

pigeon sh*t

hurray london’s vermin can finally be useful. the city’s pigeons now track air pollution via mini sensors strapped to their back. what’s your area saying?

kick arse kids, kick arse moves

amazing moves. watch, you’ll agree.

on the tip of your tongue...

errrr…the one where you can’t put a baby in the corner. can’t remember the title of that film? just type the description in here and watch the magic happen.

netflix's big hitter is back

one of netflix’s top watched shows, marvel, releases their trailer for the second series. exciting times.