volume 67

rihanna @ the brits

rihanna’s rendition of her new single ‘work ft drake’ was met with some spectacular light set design. well worth a watch through the sometimes awkward grinding.

moleskin masterpieces

artist, missy dunaway, documents her travels from new york to istanbul just using ink and her moleskin sketchbook. view the pictorial travel journal here. 

when 5 years olds write house of cards

kevin spacey and jimmy fallon act out scripts written by 5 year olds.

unpacking samsung

travel through recent history as samsung show you how they and (and their customers fashion choices) are always progressing.

brand logo / brand reality

designer, marco schembri, shows what brand logos would look like if they used their own product. view all here.



why skynet actually happens...

watch this next generation of robots from atlas get pushed around with a hockey stick by a human. true story.