volume 66

the day beyonce turned black

“it’s the day no one ever saw coming: when beyonce turned black”. saturday night live hilariously mock current controversy over beyonce’s new song ‘formation’


on may the 15th, fox channel will be offering simpsons viewers the chance to talk to homer, live from his couch. dan castellaneta, the voice of homer, will be hooked up to motion capture sensors which will create the live – action homer who will answer questions from the public. tweet you questions between may the 1st and 4th to #homerlive



ball point art

duo kai and sunny are set to open their new show, whirlwind of time, on march the 4th. here they exhibit their new collection, including pieces made entirely of coloured ball point pens.

fashion mug off

winner of topfest australia 24, directors susser and camposs put stop motion to great use in their new film about a damsel in distress.

8 bit rampage

will leo ever win an oscar? help him in this 8 – bit red carpet rampage win the coveted prize. funny guest appearances from madonna and eddie redmayne in a dress makes for a humorous game. play here.



basic blockbusters

reddit contributor has taken to turning readers ordinary photos into block buster hits. see here.