volume 65

i want to van gogh

ever wondered what it’s like to live in a painting? the art institute of chicago are now advertising vincent van gogh’s bedroom on airbnb for only $15 a night.



every evening?!

cooking is caring, it can also be devious fun.

organs, sea creatures or bubblegum?

michael massaia captures chewed up gum through his lens and ends up with these hypnotising results. gross or beautiful? you decide.


star wars x mario kart

why this game is not already out there is baffeling. watch mario and friends race to destroy the death star in this star wars/ mario kart mash up.

binge for love

get closer to your loved one this valentines day by binge watching their favourite tv show on netflix.

shoe string stunts

lo fi techniques resulting in matrix worthy shots. nicolas vuignier attaches his iphone to a piece of string and lassos it while performing amazing stunts on his skis.