volume 63

turning social media into performance art

from yoga, plastic surgery, to booty-winding videos, amalia ulman has subverted the role of the female artist, revealing how we really see women online.

the museum of bullying

lithuanian charity childline create the ‘museum of bullying’ showcasing some of most well-known symbols of bullying including broken glasses and a pierced football to raise awareness for this important cause.

drone racing

…it’s officially a thing, and it’s just how you always imagined it would be, straight out of star wars.

the chemical brothers are back

check out the new video “wide open”, directed by dom&nic who have merged the real world with organic materials to create something quite striking.

snowboarding with the nypd

casey neistat makes good use of the second biggest snowstorm in new york city’s history, by snowboarding through time square.

anyone can quantum

paul rudd vs stephen hawking in a game of quantum chess, narrated by keanu reeves.