volume 62

cadbury's creme egg café

cadbury’s are opening up a creme egg cafe in london today! the menu includes creme egg toasties, creme egg and soldiers, creme egg tray bake, mini creme eggs and strawberries. did we mention there’ll be creme eggs?
how will you eat yours?



a colourful history

some of the most important photos in history were taken before colour photography was introduced as the norm. here, some of the most important people in history are brought back to life by colour.



delve into dali

the dali museum are launching ‘dreams of dali’ where anyone can explore the artists world of by walking through his paintings in a brilliant use of virtual reality.


river island - lou dalton

river island’s latest collaboration with lou dalton has more in common with an independent art film than your typical high street ad. showing what can be created when you steer clear of the obvious.

compositing literary characters

brian j davis takes famous literary characters, draws a police sketch of what they would look like based on the authors description only and compares them with the actor who played them.



massive attack app

massive attack release four fresh tracks via their new app ‘fantom’. the ‘sensory music player app’ remixes their song depending on the environment the listener is in.