volume 61

mini-impressions of celebrities

ever wondered what al pacino would look like if he missed a straw with his mouth or brad pitt if he forgot what he was going to say? you need to watch this film.

forgot your snickers?

apparently if you forget your snickers you will end up naked, in a rather compromising position in a chemistry class. better not forget that emergency chocolate!

lynx loses the 'lynx effect'

lynx (axe outside the UK) has moved on. no more ‘lynx effect’, babe-magnet advertising. this ad is all about celebrating ‘your magic’ whether that’s your bushy beard, dancing in killer heels or your aptitude for science.

a world metro map

214 global subway systems across 5 continents have been combined into one world metro map.

one last toast to bowie

six cocktails inspired by the icon, david bowie.


insta clichés

#selfies, #peacesigns, #bathtime, #machupicchu, #latte, #pole, #pisa, the list goes one, we’re all sick of them, we’re all guilty too.