volume 60

the world's most famous puddle

in a moment of ’15 minutes of fame’ gone mad, a humble geordie puddle became the top trending story in britian and second most tweeted piece of content around the globe. #drummondpuddlewatch

faulty specs?

john cleese reprises his role as basil faulty and shows us why he should have gone to specsavers.

genius loci

beautiful architectural collages created by anastasia savinova capture the essence of a whole town in just one image. check out her work here.

for cocktails with bite

nutty, earthy, a bit like a dark honey, this is apparently what a new range toasted cricket bitters tastes like. bottoms up! 

speed through 50 years of famous cars

autmotive blog jalopink team up with illustrator scott park, to give us 50 years of world famous cars.

cillit's out with a bang(er)

he’s a maniac mechanic on the floor, watch cillit bang’s hilarious new advert.