volume 59 christmas special

may the farce be with you

the two most important things happening this december, star wars and christmas. ‘nerdist’ unite the events in this ultimate christmas lightsaber showdown. who will win?…kylo ren vs santa claus

brand santa

father christmas, saint nicholas, santa…a man with many names, but due to the outstanding execution of the coca-cola branding team, a man with only one suit. so what if the man we know and love got a make-over from some of the world’s most recognisable brands? #selfpromotionalert

stuck for a gift?

what do you get someone who has everything?…how about a book where they feature as the main character? the company ‘bookü’ take novels that have out lived their copyright license and lets you rewrite their storyline.


retrospective wrapping paper

before you rush out to buy your wrapping paper for secret santa, the ZAK team have you covered. we’ve designed wrapping paper featuring our favourite moments of 2015. happy reminiscing! #selfpromotionalert #yesagain

the festive film index

want to watch a film this christmas that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, stars bill murray or makes you tear up? not sure what film that would be? worry not. festive film index have you covered.

the best dad this christmas

ebay challenge dad matthew to make his son the best hideout ever…and he can only use things found on ebay.