volume 58

step up on stage

google cultural institute brings some of the worlds greatest performances to the masses with 360° videos that give you the chance to see everything from opera, dance and theatre from a very different angle.



are you an instagram husband?

“behind every cute girl on instagram there’s a guy like me…i am an instagram husband.” this brilliant parody video sheds light on all the unsung heroes of instagram. find out if you’re one here.

reimagining history

jennifer greenburg’s skill for inserting herself into old photos from the 1930’s – 50s is so meticulous you’d think they were a casual family snapshot. check out her project and talent here 



take a break from christmas

this clever ad from kitkat lets us take a breather from christmas advertising

99 bottles and we're drinking them one by one

simple, clever and effective. this personal project from tom le french reimagines famous 99 brands as wine bottles


soul to sole

new balance now allow you to personalise the sole of your shoe. using 3d printing, your customised sole is based on your running technique and preference.