volume 57

uh-oh volvo

to test the durability of their new truck, volvo asked a 4 year old to take the wheel…will she guide the truck to the end in one piece? no. and thats exactly the point.

harvey and john's thought bubble

harvey and john do amazing work. they create stunning experience-led design pieces. ‘thought bubble’ is their latest project but we seriously recommend you check out all of their work here

looking s'well in slow mo

s’well make bottles cool again with their new tv ad. ‘quite literally putting the fun back in’. picture an art gallery water fight filmed in amazing slow mo with an awesome soundtrack to boot.

the funniest tweets of 2015

a round up of the funniest tweets from 2015. we love them all but if we had to choose it was these guys who brought us to tears 2, 7, 8, 25, 26, 39


stay safe while you sext, mtv ‘staying alive foundation’ wants you to add a third partner to your emoji foreplay. you can now download the #condomemoji via their site here

alternative christmas jumpers

ever felt too cool for the gaudy christmas jumper? no, us either but its nice to see there are some alternatives for the christmas shy (grinch). black christmas jumper bring you…well…black chrismas jumpers with low key christmas tree designs.