volume 56

snoopin' around

old navy are giving away one million dollars to one lucky shopper in their promotional campaign for thanks giving. they’ve enrolled the likes of julia louis-dreyfus, kumail nanjiani, and special guest-star snoop dogg.

shop the film with ted baker

ted baker shows us a different style of christmas shopping. leave your elbow sharpening at home and click and buy while watching this entrancing film.

the thing explainer

from spaceships to mobile phones, randall munroe takes anything and everything and explains the mechanics nice and simply. book is out on the 24th of november

slow mo tornado

a bit of eye candy for you this week. watch a ‘fire tornado’ in beautiful hd slow mo.

11 tattoos in 1 week

this week tattoos are the subject of ‘watchcut’ video series: ‘100 years of beauty’. watch casey get 11 tattoos, each representing a style from an iconic tattoo artist, in 1 week.

this book is a camera

kelli anderson creates a pop – up book that turns into a camera. cool huh? make sure you check out her other videos on her vimeo as well, they are awesome.